Tax Preparation

We specialize in tax preparation for the following types of federal, California, and Multi-State income tax returns:


Business Tax Returns:

  • C Corporation including consolidated returns
  • S Corporation including consolidated S Corporation returns
  • Partnership and LLC returns
  • Sales, Business license, Payroll, and Personal Property Tax Statements

Trust and Estate Tax Returns:

We specialize in Estate and Trust tax return preparation and assist in the creation, administration, and funding of living and testamentary grantor and irrevocable trusts. We provide complete assistance to families as a result of the loss of a loved one including the planning and preparation of the estate tax return through the establishment and funding of the trusts required to minimize tax as prescribed by the family trust document. We work with and recommend estate-planning lawyers to prepare trust documents and will to assist in the administration of estate and trust matters.

  • Fiduciary – Form 1041
  • Gift Tax Returns – Form 709
  • Estate Tax Returns – Form 706

As with all financial matters, planning is key. Do not wait too long to schedule and appointment, call our office now. Also, start organizing your files, after all, we can only work with the information you provided. A few minutes a week spent on tax paperwork preparations could be worth a great deal of tax savings to you! Call our office and we will be happy to advise you of the needed and necessary paperwork.

We stand behind every return we prepare. Should you receive notice of an audit/inquiry involving any item we prepared we stand ready to represent you before the IRS, EDD, BOE, or FTB. Our office is a full service office, open 12 months a year. We stand behind our work 100% period. And remember, Enrolled Agents are the only tax professionals licensed by Congress to represent individual taxpayers before the IRS.

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