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Estate Planning
Effective estate planning is neither a simple one-time event, nor an onerous, endless task. Nor is it restricted to individuals of a specific age, profession, income or asset base.

We view estate planning as an ongoing process that comes into play at natural stages of professional and personal life. We work with clients to clarify their own unique circumstances, goals and requirements, and help set a financial and legal course that enables individuals and families to more effectively direct their own futures.

Lifestyle Planning
Planning to support the lifestyle you have today and the one you envision for the future requires a comprehensive understanding of your goals, asset and liability structure, and potential cash flow. It also requires a strategic appreciation of the tax implications your decisions may have.

  • Evaluate your employer-provided compensation as well as any retirement benefit plans.
  • Recommend strategies that best suit your income tax, investment, estate and cash flow planning situation.
  • Provide you with our retirement lifestyle analysis that will incorporate your sources of income, required spending needs, potential retirement dates, various economic scenarios and tax considerations into a long-term cash flow analysis.
  • Determine elections for your retirement plans, including lump sum payouts vs. annuities, and joint survivor vs. single-life distribution arrangements.
  • Coordinate your beneficiary designations with your estate planning documents.

Tax Planning
When it comes to taxes, it’s not what you make, it’s what you take home that matters. With federal, state and local taxes adding up to as much as 50% of your income, it is critical to plan your affairs in the most tax-efficient way possible

Most importantly, we take the time to understand our clients’ needs and long-range goals. Tax planning involves a complete understanding of each client’s personal and business interests. By thoroughly understanding our clients, we are able to help them plan at the individual, business, and fiduciary levels.

To assure that you minimize your tax expense and maximize your after-tax income, our professionals stay abreast of the ever-changing tax laws by attending at least 40 hours a year in continuing professional education and attend tax seminars. We also have dedicated specialists in all areas of taxation. All of our tax professionals are up-to-date on the tax law, and many have over a decade of experience and/or an advanced educational degree in taxation.

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