We offer a range of accounting services for your business, ranging from monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reports, to the complete bookkeeping of all your accounts receivable, accounts payables, and payroll records. The complete bookkeeping service includes the recording of your accounts receivable invoices, recording your cash receipts, recording accounts payable invoices, writing cash disbursements and payroll checks. We offer sales tax reporting, federal and state payroll reporting as well as year end employee W2’s, sub contractors 1099’s and filing your reports with the Social Security Administration. Please see our payroll section for a complete listing of our payroll services.

We meet with each client and prepare the balance sheet, profit and loss statement and any supporting statements so each client can review their operations and adjust to the changing market quickly. The results of having this informational tool available will insure profitability through quicker response

  • Posting of disbursement checks
  • Financial Statements
  • Monthly Accounts Receivable statements including calculating finance charges
  • Recording Accounts payable invoices and preparation of disbursement checks
  • Calculation of employee payroll, including preparation of all federal and state reports
  • Prepare employee payroll checks and deliver by mail or in person to your business
  • Assist in establishing of Federal and State Identification numbers as well as sales tax accounts
  • Checking account bank statement reconciliation

Garelick Busienss Management Inc. offers a number of payroll services for those clients who wish to have only a payroll service on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

We offer a complete payroll service including calculating and writing of employee checks to the quarterly or yearly client who does not like to deal with the Internal Revenue Service or State reports.

We are proud of our accurate and timely service for all of our clients. Our payroll service will help eliminate those correction letters from the various taxing authorities. We also can help in establishing your payroll account with the Internal Revenue Service as well as the Department of Employment and Training and State Withholding Authority.

Payroll Services

  • Calculation of employee payroll
  • Printing of employee payroll checks
  • Monthly federal withholding coupons
  • Quarterly state withholding report
  • Quarterly federal withholding reconciliation reports
  • Quarterly calculation and reporting of federal unemployment tax
  • Quarterly state unemployment calculation and report
  • Year end employee W2’s
  • Year end W3 report for Social Security
  • Year end federal unemployment report
  • Year end state W2 reconciliation report

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